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Medical Alliance Insurance Company (MAIC) is a leading provider of physician professional liability insurance in the State of Illinois. The focus of the program is to provide coverage to physicians on staff at hospital members of the Illinois Provider Trust (IPT) and self-insured hospitals being served by Illinois Risk Management Services (IRMS).

The program takes advantage of the cooperative efforts between hospitals and physicians with early claims intervention that serves to reduce legal costs, prevent plaintiff attorney creation of conflict between defendants, and ultimately reduce premiums. Risk management programs are designed specifically for physicians and their office practice staff in the identification and evaluation of risks present in their office and hospital-based practices.

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Risk Management Education Program
March 14  |  10:00am-2:00pm
IHA Offices, Naperville and Springfield
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Risk Advantage Online Continuing Education Program
MAIC is partnering with Med-IQ (formerly ELM Exchange Inc.) to offer risk management continuing education courses.  CEU and discount opportunities available for completing Med-IQ Focus case studies. 

Through our partnership with Med-IQ, under the MAIC Risk AdvantageSM program, physicians can earn up to a 6% credit on their renewing MAIC premium by completing both the assigned Core Unit courses and Med-IQ case studies.  For each online Core Unit Course completed, the physician will earn a 1% credit up to a maximum of 4% for four completed courses.  The remaining 2% credit can be achieved by completing a total of eight Med-IQ case studies.


The information provided on this website is for information purposes only and is not a solicitation to transact any business of insurance in any state where Medical Alliance Insurance Company (MAIC) is not licensed to conduct such business. MAIC is only licensed to transact the business of insurance in the State of Illinois. Information about the policies and practices of MAIC are summaries only and subject to the actual language of the policies and rules.

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